Catching Up

So it has been a minute since we’ve updated you all but things have been so calm as compared to the whirlwind that was the first two weeks after diagnosis.

The day after chemo day #1, a photographer friend come and took some beautiful lifestyle shots of us. Her name is Anne Simone and you can see her blog post of our story here. Prepare to cry! We know JL will be losing her hair and we hear that there is a good chance that when her hair grows back, it could look entirely different so we just thought a good capture of how things are now would be nice to have. Here are a few of our favorite shots from that day:

I believe we told you that the folks in-the-know suggest that JL should shave her head before it starts to fall out so we had a little head shaving gathering. Our sweet and tender gay husband friend who also happens to make my (Inga) hair look fab on a regular basis offered to come and do the honors of the shave. JL says “I’m the one who decides when my hair gets taken!” so there was some eating and laughing and shaving and singing of Sinead O’Conner’s “Nothing Compares to You” (hmmm, i’ve got a video of JL singing it around here somewhere) and her head is bald now not because it just started falling out but because JL said so!


A cool and kick ass thing that we were gifted with was a Green Chef box…have you heard of this? It’s one of those boxes of ingredients along with recipes that show up at your door step but this one is all vegetarian and organic! Shut the front door! We’ve enjoyed it immensely; it’s fun, delicious, healthy and mostly in keeping with our new way of eating. (organic vegetarian alkaline).

We’ve had so many prayers and so much positive energy coming our way, it is palpable. Thank you for following our path and helping us heal with your love.

Chemo day #2 is tomorrow. We will update soon!


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